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Illuminated View

Mission Ribbon Lamp,

Light Blue

23” H x 16” W table lamp, single socket,

6o watts, turn switch.   

Price: $450.00

The shade lights up beautifully via a few rich colors. Prominent is the light blue ribbon zigzagging over a semitransparent, salmon colored, vertical band down the center of the shade. The same colors of light blue and salmon repeat on the horizontal border strip. The background glass is golden honey. The colors are richly framed within an outer border of root beer colored hobnail glass. 


The square metal base is a perfect match for this square shaped shade. It is hand-buffed in a warm bronze satin finish. The embossed design on its edges is the classic “egg and dart” pattern and around the shaft is a “feather” motif. 


This is a handsome lamp, ideal for a modern setting.


Un-Illuminated View




Our shades can be used as hanging, or table lamps,

depending on your choice of hardware.  Prices may vary.

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