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An assortment of lamps in the Shades of Tiffany store.

Decorating with Stained Glass Lamps:  Accenting a room with colorful stained glass lamps will create an ambiance of warmth, elegance and joy.  Your decorating statement will be notable and timeless.  Here’s a decorating tip: Displaying more than one stained glass lamp in a room is perfectly acceptable. The only rule to follow is that your lamps be of obvious quality.  Please click each photo below to browse our current collections!


Louis Comfort Tiffany:

Our Inspiration


Since 1975 Shades of Tiffany has

been replicating Louis Comfort

Tiffany’s famous lamp designs as well as other patterns. Using American art glass, our shades are constructed to perfection in the traditional copper-foil method used by Tiffany’s master stained glass artisans.  Colors of the changing seasons inspire our rich color combinations; pastels for Spring, darker antique tones for Fall. With over forty years’ experience as glass artisans we are proud to say that our fine stained glass lamps stand above others.  The proof is in the viewing.


A Brief History of Tiffany and His Lamps


Over a century ago Louis Comfort Tiffany’s New York City Studios produced unusual and stunning lamps constructed in stained glass. Sought after by the fabulously rich and famous they catapulted Tiffany to wealth and fame. Eventually as styles changed his lamps fell out of fashion becoming practically worthless. Today, original Tiffany lamps are once again highly prized for their beauty, and as innovative works of art, selling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. 


Most likely you will never possess an authentic Tiffany lamp, but today it is possible to own an impressive facsimile of the original, like those from Shades of Tiffany!

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