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Louis Comfort Tiffany’s conviction that no painting could capture the brilliance of light and color as beautifully as a stained glass window greatly inspired the stunning window creations of Shades of Tiffany.


About Our Windows

Shades of Tiffany’s windows are constructed in the original copper-foil method used by Tiffany Studios:  multi pattern pieces of cut art glass are wrapped with thin copper foil strips and soldered together resulting in graceful, intricate window designs (different from the heavy, lead-channel windows seen in churches, for example). Our fine solder lines indicate the work of highly skilled artisans.


Our finished windows are edged with a zinc trim, patinaed, and polished. Metal loops are soldered on top for hanging.  Stained glass windows are also referred to as “flatwork” or “panels”. 


Shades of Tiffany’s window design repertoire includes:


Abstract – Mission, Arts & Crafts, Prairie Style

Flora & Fauna – Flowers, Peacocks, Koi Fish,


Thematic – Mermaids, Sea Shells, Pirates,

                      Zodiac, Kokopelli

Hobbies – Surfer, Woody Wagons

Imagine:  From majestic cathedrals to palatial mansions, stained glass windows have long been a statement of grand beauty.  We endeavor to make your interiors emulate this grandeur with beautiful windows created by Shades of Tiffany.

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