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Featured Item: Rosebush Shade         Article: Antiques Roadshow Rare Find

Mother’s Day Greetings!

Here’s a shout-out to all the moms in our lives -  mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, aunts, sisters, friends, and all who love us with a mother’s heart - HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!

In gratitude to our mothers on Mother’s Day, our article features a popular 1999 Antiques Road Show episode about 5 lucky siblings whose mother purchased a Tiffany lamp when they were kids. See the appraiser’s commentary and discover its mind-boggling present-day value in the Article section.

The featured item of the month is our replica of the Tiffany Studios’ Rose Bush shade as showcased in the Antiques Road Show video. Our version is as beautiful as the original and makes a spectacular hanging lamp. See it in the Featured Item section.

Enjoy our May Newsletter,   


The Tale of Tom Kitten, 1907

written and illustrated by Beatrix Potter

Mother & infant

Featured Item
Note: Each item presented is a one-of-a-kind work of art available for purchase. Should any item sell, there are no duplicates.   Contact us about any similar items. 

The Rosebush Shade

Back in late 1960s when the Rose Helmet lamp seen in the Antiques Road Show video was purchased, Louis Comfort Tiffany and his lamps were not readily known nor liked. They could be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars. At that time, the new craft of stained glass lamp and window making was wildly catching on among young artists. We were among those artists proudly replicating Tiffany’s lamps. Who knew to buy the real thing?

The Rosebush, (Helmet) shade has been one of our top standards to produce over the years. We have created it in all sorts of dynamic color combinations. It has always been a customer favorite as a reverse hanging pendant or flush ceiling fixture.

The Rosebush shade we present today is beautifully done in hand rolled glass of streaked red roses, yellow/green leaves, pale spumoni background and deep purple stems and borders. Click here for details.



The Rose Helmet Lamp Featured on the Antiques Road Show

The lamp appraised in the Antiques Road Show video is a rare Tiffany Studios lamp combination; the Rose Helmet shade on an etched doré bronze finish Arc and Leaf base designed 1905. Both shade and base are signed. Today, the shade is referred to as the Rosebush shade.

Signed base

Antiques Road Show lamp:

The Rose Helmet Lamp 1905

The Shade  

The shape of the Rosebush shade is exceptional. The shade gently re-curves outward at its border, resembling a helmet, inspiring the Tiffany Studio’s name: the Rose Helmet shade. The pattern depicts a full bush of blooming roses. The mature blossoms are designed to look real with three-dimensional overlapping of petals and are further enhanced by the use of streaked, spotted and fibrillated glass. The leaves and background, done in mottled glass, further augment the shade and add dramatic energy to the overall composition. The top and bottom borders adeptly contain this free-style design within the shade’s form.

Although probably the best-loved of all flowers during the Victorian/Edwardian eras, the rose pattern was occasionally constructed at the Tiffany Studios but never produced on a regular basis. Therefore a complete Rosebush table lamp is rather rare and quite valuable, realizing at today’s auction prices over $300,000.

1906 Red Rosebush Lamp

Blue, Yellow Rosebush shade c. 1906

Private Collection, Dr. Egon Neustadt

Yellow Rosebush Lamp c. 1900

The Lamp Base


The base is called the Arc and Leaf, one of the best Tiffany Studios bases and reputedly the most expensive one. In highly imaginative Art Nouveau style, it appears to symbolize the growth of a tree. The bottom of the base is decorated with a circumference of large root leaves pointed upward. The leaf motif is repeated with each leaf framed within interconnecting arcs that form circular rows around the shaft of the base ascending to the top of “tree”. The leaves and arcs become smaller as they travel upward emphasizing the cone shape of the base.


A Rare Base Color


The color finish of the Arc and Leaf base is quite rare for a Tiffany Studios base. Traditionally, we know Tiffany bases to have a bronze or Verde green patina so it is understandable that someone may have  declared a golden colored base as not authentic Tiffany. But this particular base is described as having an etched doré, bronze finish.

Rare Tiffany Arc and Leaf base in etched doré



The general term is Ormolu for a finish used on metal to imitate gold. It is an English term, used since the 18th century for the gilding technique of applying finely ground, high-carat gold-mercury amalgam to an object of bronze to decorate furniture, clocks, candlesticks, urns, desk sets and various objects d’ arte. In English, it is known as “gilt bronze”. The French refer to this technique as "bronze doré". You can imagine the health hazards of working with this process. Most gilders died by the age of 40 due to exposure to the harmful mercury fumes. This rare finish on the Arc and Leaf base featured in the video rendered this lamp even more valuable.

French Louis XV Style Ormolu

mounted console table. Paris c. 1900

Doré accented clock.

A Mother Cat and her Kitten.

Henriette Ronner-Knip 1821-1909

Kids Inherit Rare Tiffany Thanks to Mom’s Smart Purchase

Back in 1969, after following through on a small newspaper advertisement of a Tiffany lamp for sale, a smart mother knew she was looking at something very valuable. She ran to the bank, purchased the lamp and now owned an authentic signed Tiffany. This mom was also smart enough to know to put the Tiffany lamp away until her five kids were grown adults. Fast forward to 1999 and two of her children are at the Antiques Road Show presenting the lamp for appraisal. This episode became one of the most famous and popular in the show’s series. You see in the video how nervous the sisters are, giggling as they tell about their mom’s lucky find. They wait in anticipation to learn the present-day value of their mother’s shrewd purchase. At the end of the video the sisters are hugging and crying and even the appraiser gets in on the act. Watch to the very end to discover how much their lamp has appreciated to in today’s market!

Thank You, Mom!

New York City policeman stops traffic for mother cat with kitten crossing street - 1925

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