Diamond Border Mission Lamp

16” T. X 12” W.

Use 60 watt bulb

Price: $395.00

This attractive, medium sized shade is square shaped consisting of four flat panels. Each panel is divided into identical vertical strips that are soldered together. At the bottom of each strip is a diamond shape framed within a square of bars. Repeats of this simple design gives a handsome shade with a plain top and geometric border.

The top portion is in alabaster honey and the bottom portion has a mix of light celery horizontal bars with butterscotch vertical bars. The brightest feature are the rippled amber diamond shapes at the bottom of the shade. They give a punch to an otherwise gentle design.

The Gothic base is made of cast metal, hand buffed in a bronze finish. It is wired with a single standard socket and turn switch. Use 60 watts for this size shade. The square shape of the base supports the square shape of the shade that together make an overall stately and solid looking lamp.

With pastel colors and a small/medium size, this lamp will give much light to an area and will fit nicely into any Craftsman or Modern decor. 

Un-Illuminated View

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