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 July 2017 Newsletter

Featured Item: Diamond-Bordered Mission Lamp 

Article: Customer’s Craftsman Home

July’s newsletter will start off with a handsome Craftsman home custom designed by the owners. I think all you readers will really enjoy this new feature. See Article below.

This month we highlight a Diamond-Bordered Mission Lamp, which would fit nicely into any Craftsman or Modern décor. See Featured Item below.

Enjoy our July issue!




This month I am introducing a new feature to my monthly newsletters. It is about pretty pictures - pictures my customers send to me of the stained-glass lamps and windows they purchased from Shades of Tiffany; of how beautiful they look in their homes and how proud my customers are of their decorating skills. It occurred to me how nice it would be to share these photos with all my newsletter readers. So, with my customers’ permission, every so often I will profile a home interior décor featuring our lamps and windows along with my comments.

Featured Item
Featured Item
Note: Each item presented is a one-of-a-kind work of art available for purchase. Should any item sell, there are no duplicates.   Contact us about any similar items. 

The Diamond-Bordered Mission Lamp

This attractive, medium sized shade is square shaped consisting of four flat panels. Each panel is divided into identical vertical strips that are soldered together. At the bottom of each strip...


For more information, click here.


Featured Article


- appointed with stained glass lamps handmade by Shades of Tiffany.

Un-illuminated Arabesque Pendant

Front Entry Hall.   

Entering the front hallway, one is welcomed to a skillfully and beautifully executed home. Among all the shades in my viewing room, my customer went directly to this Arabesque shade. She has an excellent eye for matching styles. It looks so stately.

The shade’s pattern of organic arabesque swirls echoes the circular motif on the door’s glass panels which were designed by my customer. She fashioned them after the works of acclaimed Scottish Craftsman architect, Charles Rennie McIntosh. (1868-1928). Impressive - she knows her art history.


The green and bit of rose color in the shade nicely mirror the colors in the glass panels. The honey background on the shade is an especially nice feature as the glass is iridescent. It reflects a rainbow sheen in the daylight when unlit.

Over the years many of my customers have stayed in touch, such as today’s featured couple. As you can see in the photos, they purchased multiple stained-glass lamps. (mille grazie!). It is a treat to see the wife’s creative talents through these photos. Let's take a tour through their home!

The structure is unusually large for the typical Craftsman house but remains true to style with its clean interior décor and emphasis on architectural elements. While overseeing this remarkable project, the wife stayed focused on the Craftsman genre regarding colors, patterns, furnishings, pure lines, etc., all inspired in the late 1800s from classic Japanese minimal design. This turns out to be the perfect setting for my stained-glass lamps as is evident in the photos.

Arabesque Pendant

Swirl Dragonfly Pendant

The Den

We see a large and luxurious den with a 22” diameter, Swirl Dragonfly pendant shade hanging from the coffered ceiling. When entering this room, the bright flame/orange fixture is an unexpected treat to behold. Selected by the husband, the era-appropriate Dragonfly motif holds its own as a focal point among the room’s rich appointments: the elegant furniture, wooden paneled walls, floors, window casings and the custom-made green tiles of the fireplace – all classic Craftsman.

Swirl Dragonfly Pendant

The Den Bar

Actually, when this striped stained-glass shade was made, we envisioned it as a small Mission Style table lamp. My client, however, saw it as a hanging lamp over the den bar area. I must admit I would not have imagined it in this mode but now agree this one-of-a-kind shade is a perfect fit for the bar nook.


Notice the tiny colorful squares on the shade’s border that repeat the horizontal bar of colorful square tiles on the back wall. The blues selected for this area are the perfect contrasting colors against the wooden paneling. Nice choice for a working area light.

Striped Mission Hanging Fixture

TV/Sitting Room

My client chose two Tiffany replica lamps for this room - the Large Fringe table lamp and the Classic Dragonfly floor lamp.

I approve! With a decorator’s sense of staying true to theme and color in the Craftsman style, she knew straight away these two lamps would be perfect for this room.

The bright, rustic red/orange lamps are a contrast to the cool, soft celery greens of the upholstered furniture but relate to the brown woods in the room. She placed them opposite each other in this space bringing continuity to the furniture arrangement. This is a serene and comfy setting for watching TV.

Large Fringe Table Lamp

Classic Dragonfly Floor Lamp.  

(I love the fabric pattern on the Morris chairs!)

Upstairs Hallway

This is another good example of how hardware selection can convert a shade into various lamp options; in this case, the 22” diameter Santa Barbara Mission shade. My client installed it as a reverse hanging fixture for indirect lighting in the upstairs common area.


The shade can also serve as a downward hanging fixture, a large table lamp, or a floor lamp when fitted with the appropriate hardware. I like the cheerfulness of the honey and green stripes for this upstairs hallway.

Santa Barbara Pendant

Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with all of us--you have been a pleasure to work with!


The lamps were packed for long distance shipping. My clients awaited eagerly to receive them and emailed me when the boxes arrived saying, “They look great. What a treat to get them early in the day. Many thanks. Can’t get over how well everything was packed. It must have taken you days to get it all assembled!”

With appreciation, I answer yes, it does take a few days to pack an order for shipping. Often my customers comment how well their merchandise was packed, with each item arriving safely. In fact, they remark it took them some time to unpack their treasures.


Each package is unique to the customer's choice of shade with hardware, therefore custom packing is necessary. We pack in-house with extra care, using heavy duty packing materials that will withstand rough handling in transit. Shipping fees are paid by the customer. Therefore, when possible, we pack your purchases into the fewest number of boxes to keep shipping costs down.  All items are insured. Upon delivery, the customer’s signature is required which guarantees merchandise was personally received.

Classic Dragonfly Floor Lamp and packing materials

With over 40 years of packing and shipping experience many customers have sent testimonials declaring their satisfaction doing business with Shades of Tiffany.

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