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Illuminated Views

Art Nouveau Gooseneck Desk Lamp

Porcelain standard socket; 60 watts; on-line switch

Shade: 5” W.

Base: 20” T.; 12” W. at crook; 8” W. at base

Price: $350.00, Free USA ground shipping.


Looking for a distinctive accent lamp for your home? Look no further than our one-off decorative Art Nouveau style desk lamp. An ornate base supports a long, curved stem that gracefully holds a  shade via 3 screws to a lip-fitter. A swivel at the cap allows the shade to adjust for optimal light focus.  


The heavy base is cast metal finished in antiqued bronze.  We have one base left and two bent panel shades to choose between; a Bud shade or a Tulip shade. Our shades are accented with stamped brass rosette trim that covers the panel seams.

The Bud shade (left above), is an unusual color glass of iridescent, streaked charcoal that looks solid when unlit and clear when lit.    


The 5-pointed petal tulip shade (below) that is pale ivory when unlit; golden honey when lit.

Unlit Shade


Un-Illuminated Views

5-POINT HONEY TULIP SHADE -- illuminated & un-lit views.

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