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About Special Interest Style

“What is a Special Interest Style lamp?”



In our lamp repertoire are shade patterns that are thematic; designs depicting specific subjects such as migrating birds, floating ducks, a stoner dude, an Indian on a horse, brass filigree overlay of sail boats with light houses or windmills with houses. Occasionally we have built custom shades specific to the customer’s interest (no copy righted patterns or logos, please). These lamps are unique conversation pieces and are fun to make.



The shades can be presented as a table lamp, hanging shade or floor lamp. There are no set colors; each shade is different in color combinations. Regarding custom requests, unless there is a mold and pattern already existing of the theme, the design would require making the pattern on flat panels, same as making a stained glass window, that are soldered together to form a four-sided shaped shade.



Have fun decorating with a Special Interest lamp.  Place it in a prominent place for all to enjoy as a lovely object of art. The lamp will make a statement regarding your particular interest or hobby. If you have a room decorated with the specific theme, the corresponding lighted stained glass lamp will be a focal point. Carry the subject through with same theme fabric prints, pillows, hanging art work, sculptures, and photographs of you within the theme like waving from your sail boat or posing in your Dutch costume next to your Windmill lamp. 

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