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Brother Peace Flower Power

Table Lamp

26”H x 16”W  table lamp

2 sockets, 60 watts each, pull chains

$750.00 , USA ground shipping included.

A one-of-a-kind table lamp, Brother Peace is designed in the spirit of the 1960’s Flower Power movement. The color blue represents peace, conveying the counter culture’s motto: Peace & Love. These two words were the most iconic symbols used in hippie art.

The shade is constructed of 4 flat panels. Each panel has a single, large droopy flower that hangs downward from a center stem from which ivy-type leaves shootout to either side. Clumps of glass jewels accent the bottom corners and each panel is framed in a wide border. The overall look of the design is organic; nearly psychedelic. The soft, pastel colors and white background will give off good light and good vibes in any home. 

The wood lamp base is square shaped with clean, straight lines that mirror the square shape of the shade. Its blonde color matches the pale honey glass that frames each panel. The base is stained with a smooth satin finish.

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