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Illuminated view with
wooden base

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Blue, Green, & Gold Daffodil Table Lamp

16” dia. X 24” T Wooden base

Price: $650.00

Daffodil lamps were produced by Tiffany Studios circa 1904. Featured is our beautiful reproduction of the Daffodil shade.  We offer two  bases to choose from: a blonde-wood table base and a Tiffany-style Lily Pad metal base. (see below.)

This pattern’s unusual feature is that the daffodils, leaves and stems all face downward. The design recounts the famous Greek legend of Narcissus who became enamored with his reflection while gazing into the water at a riverbank. For a lark, the mischievous Greek gods while watching from above, transformed the beautiful boy into yellow narcissus flowers (or daffodils). Now they must forever gaze at their reflection in the  water - represented here by the shade's bottom 2 rows of rippling glass.

Our shade is made with hand rolled glass in yellow/golds for the daffodils, various greens for the leaves and stems, and a blue-mauve glass as the scene’s watery background.

The plain, blonde-wood base nicely supports the shade’s intricate pattern while also matching the golden color of its daffodils. It has two, single pull-chain sockets that take 60 watts each.


Top View


Detail View


16” dia. X 21” T Lily Pad base​

Price: $650.00

The Nouveau Lily Pad Base is typical Tiffany. Cast metal, finished in antique bronze, it has a single socket turn switch that takes a standard 60-watt bulb.

Shade and organic base together make a graceful lamp depicting daffodils in a natural setting as artist, Clara Driscoll, designed it for Tiffany Studios.



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