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Illuminated view with wooden base

illuminated view with metal base

Unlit wood base.JPG


Blue, Green, & Gold Daffodil Table Lamp

16” W. X 24” T. Wooden base   OR

16” W. X 21" T. Metal base.

Price: $650.00

Featured is our lovely reproduction of Tiffany Studio's Daffodil shade (circa 1904), considered one of his most beautiful designs.

This pattern’s unusual feature is that, as in the Greek legend,  the daffodils or narcissus flowers face downward, lovingly gazing at themselves in the water, represented by the two border rows.

Our shade is made with hand-rolled glass in yellow/golds for the daffodils, various greens for the leaves and stems, and a blue-mauve glass for the scene’s watery background.

Choose from two table bases:

A stately Blonde-Wood base that nicely matches the golden color of the daffodils, with two 60 watt, pull-chain sockets.


A Tiffany-style Lilly Pad base of cast metal, with a single 60 watt, turn-switch socket; a typical Art Nouveau composition of that era.


Top View


Detail View



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