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Lotus Hanging Lamp

 22"W  12"D

(A)  w/ single porcelain socket, 6’ chain $755.00

 (B)  w/ 3-socket, 6’ chain $800.00

We present a stunning hanging fixture; an interpretation of Tiffany’s famous Lotus Table Lamp. Although, not a true reproduction of the original, which

incorporated exposed decorative hardware as part of the design, artists today able to build an otherwise impossible shade by using a contemporary pattern.

Configuration of Tiffany's Original Lotus shade.

The top of the original Tiffany Lotus Lampshade (c. 1905)  is open, showing exposed hardware, (hanging metal tubes representing plant stems), concealing wires that electrify light bulbs which are inside blown glass lotus buds that illuminate the shade' skirt. Undoubtedly,  this is an ingenious, technical design that would be costly to commercially manufacture today.

Artists use the Worden System's pattern adaptation:

We used the Worden System of lamp building to construct our Hanging Lotus Lamp. As you can see, the Worden System’s adaptation of the original Lotus design fills in the open top section of the shade with a background of wavy glass pieces. The finished shade still captures the large drama of the original. 

Our deep shade with large, floppy flowers and an irregular border adapts perfectly as a stunning stained-glass hanging lamp. Especially striking are the lotus blossoms constructed of hand rolled glass in various rich reds. The leaves are bright greens, the stems are pale root beer and the background is honey.  Overall, a simple pattern with four colors, but one that is absolutely impressive.

This Hanging Lotus Lamp would look beautiful suspended over a dining table or any other area where a rich accent is needed

Hardware Options

(A)                             (B)

Single porcelain socket &

6' hanging chain

3 sockets &

6' hanging chain

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