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Illuminated view



Three Daffodils - Red & Blue

Table Lamp 

13" W x 19" T  

Price:  $475.00

One of our all-time popular table lamps, The Three Daffodils actually has a poignant story to tell. Each daffodil represents a major stage of life, namely: Youth - a bent, baby bud unfurls its petals as it begins its life. (foreground); Prime of Life - capturing a three quarter view of a very busy being. (left); Maturity - in full bloom, calmly looking at us until end of life. (right). 

This shade has a pleasing combination of three different colored daffodils: red, blue and pink. The background has blue/green glass that is almost transparent. There are solid green leaves and root beer stems. The top and bottom borders are peach.

The round metal base is simple in design that puts focus on the shade. It is finished in egg-shell black and has two pull-chain sockets that take standard 60-watt bulbs.

Because of the pattern's significance, The Three Daffodils table lamp is a great gift item to give to mark birthdays, weddings, graduations, etc.


Detail View

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