Swirl Dragonfly

16" W x 21" T  

Price:  $599.00


The 16” diameter Swirl Dragonfly shade is a design inspired by Tiffany’s large, multi-swirling Damsel Flies shade. Our shade has three dragonflies circling around its conical shape with wings that bank 3-D off its profile.


The shade is colored in three tones: the top portion is dark cobalt blue, the main section is pastel blue/mauve and the border is sparkly blue/green glass. The dragonflies stand out with bright green bodies, silver wings and green jewel eyes. Groups of various colored jewels are set around the shade.

The Spindle base is a classic Victorian design. It is cast metal finished in dark antique brown. It has a turn-switch socket that takes a standard 60-watt bulb.

This is a very charming lamp that will nicely decorate a special place in your home, office, etc.

Top View

Detail View


Our lamp shades can be used as hanging or table lamps,

depending on your choice of hardware.