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Single porcelain socket &

6' hanging chain

3 sockets &

6' hanging chain

3 arm, 2 socket ceiling mount 36" L.

9" 3-socket ceiling post

16" 3-socket ceiling post

3 socket flush mount

X.   with Table base , 19" W x 29" H

      Price:  $700.00

X.  with single socket & hanging chain, XX" W x 3' or 6' L

      Price:  $625.00

X. with 3-sockets & hanging chain, xx" W x 5' L  

    Price:  $675.00

X.  with 3-arm, 3-socket hanging pendant,  36" L  

X.  With 3-socket ceiling post 16" L   

      Price:  $675

X.  With 3-socket ceiling post 9" L (not shown)
      Price  $640.00,  

X. with floor base  XX" W x 6' T

      Price: $800.00

X.  with 3 socket flush mount


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Un-Illuminated View


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