Peacock Wisteria

32” L x 24” W                          

Price: $1,200.00

A regal peacock perches within an oval frame, its head turned to one side, its elegant tail spread out in full view. On either side are roses of red, blue and purple. Across the top hang orange and blue wisteria. Two dragonflies add charm to the scene.


The bird’s tail feather "eyes" are clear blue accented with amber jewels set against a turquoise background. It is crowned with three amber jewels, its head is cobalt blue, the body is turquoise/mauve.


The window background color is iridescent pale honey; the oval frame is pale amber hobnail glass. Inside the oval is clear frosted glass accented with small diamond shapes.  The picture is framed with a clear, textured strip.  

This is a spectacular window!


Illuminated View

Custom packing and shipping fees not included. Contact us for details.

Un-Illuminated View


Iridescent Honey  background

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