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Poinsettia & Holly Table Lamp

16” W. X 20” H.

Single pull chain socket, takes 60 watt bulb

Price: $450.00

This cone-shaped shade depicts a large stylized red flower flanked on either side by green vine-like leaves accented with red jewels. This pattern repeats three times around the circumference of the shade which creates a decorative, irregular border. 

The shade’s colors, a tri-color theme of red-green-gold, associates with December’s holiday decorations. The abstract flower can be interpreted as a winter poinsettia, the green vine as holly leaves and the red jewels as holly berries. Iridescent honey glass is used for the shade’s top portion. 


The metal base is adorned with curvy flowers in relief around the bottom. They very nicely complement the curvilinear design on the shade. The base is finished in satin antique bronze.

Whether set up for the winter holidays or all year round, this floral and leaf pattern can be enjoyed for its uplifting energy to decorate any room.

Un-Illuminated View



Iridized Glass

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