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Illuminated View

Multifloral Shade

20" W x 10" D

A.   with table base 29" H

      Price:  $1,200.00

B.  with single socket & 

     3' or 6' hanging chain

      Price:  $800.00

C. with 3-sockets &

    6' hanging chain  

    Price:  $850.00

D. with floor base 

     20" W x 6.5' T

     Price: $1,400.00

A mixture of all sorts of fanciful flowers in multi-colored hand rolled glass makes a unique work of art. The flowers are intertwined with green leafy vines. Sparkling turquoise glass is the perfect background for this beautiful globe-shaped shade. Lit via any style of hardware, this shade is an interior design beauty.

The heavy, cast metal table base is an unusual design. It sits on multiple tiny feet, has a high relief pattern of ovals in its bulbous area and is organic in character, typical of Tiffany Studios bases circa 1906. It has two pull-chain sockets that take 60-watt standard bulbs.

B or C

Single socket porcelain_green.jpg





Floor base

C 3 sockets.jpg

Un-Illuminated View

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