Illuminated View

Multifloral Shade

20" W x 10" D

A mixture of all sorts of fanciful flowers in multi-colored hand rolled glass makes a unique work of art. The flowers are intertwined with green leafy vines. Sparkling turquoise glass is the perfect background for this beautiful globe-shaped shade. Lit via any style of hardware, this shade is an interior design beauty.

A.   with Table base 29" H

      Price:  $900.00

B.  with single socket & 3' or 6' hanging chain

      Price:  $800.00

C. with 3-sockets & 6' hanging chain  

    Price:  $800.00

D. with floor base  20" W x 6.5' T

      Price: $1,200.00

Un-Illuminated View


B or C




Floor base

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