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Illuminated View



Mixed Fruit Lamp

18” W x 24” L 3- arm inverted hanging hardware

Price: $1,200.00

Picture a colorful fruit bowl hanging upside-down overhead. It holds yellow pears, red apples, golden peaches, large red jewel cherries, and grapes of purple jewels, all set against a spumoni-colored background accented with an array of deep green leaves and finished with a scalloped border. This charming lamp will bring morning joy to a breakfast nook, a luncheon counter, cooking area or wherever you imagine it to hang.

Though not a very large shade, this fruit pattern is labor intensive. Note that each of the many jewels must be copper foiled and soldered into place. Also, semicircular cuts for the scalloped border are difficult to execute in glass and we used an expensive hand rolled glass for the background to tell this organic story.

3 arm, 2 socket

ceiling pendant 24" L.

3-socket ceiling post 9" L

3-socket ceiling post 16" L

IMG_9544 - Copy.JPG

 Yellow pears

lamps 1008_edited.jpg

Red apples

Grapes of purple jewels

Mixed Fruit_edited.jpg

 Golden peaches

IMG_9541 - Copy.JPG

Large red jewel cherries

Spumoni-colored background

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