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Illuminated View

Large Fruit Decal Table Lamp or Hanging Fixture 

Table lamp; 18” W. X 24” T.
Harp, single socket pull chain; 60 watt bulb.


Hanging Fixture: 18” W. X 12” D.
Single porcelain socket; 150 watts
3’ or 6’ wire & chain, embossed ceiling canopy


Price: $550.00, USA ground shipping included.

An 8-bent panel shade with crown; each panel is illustrated with one of four fruit vignettes repeated twice; strawberries, apple, garden basket, watermelon. Ceramic decals are fired permanently onto the honey colored glass.

Classic Acanthus Leaf metal base with egg and dart pattern embossed around bottom outer rim.  Antique bronze patina over brass plating.

Utilized either as a table lamp or hanging fixture this lamp will add charm to a homey setting.

Crown panel_7459.jpg

Illuminated View

Detail / Un-illuminated Views

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