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Beveled Peacock Window

19” W x 38” L

Price: $800.00, Free USA ground shipping.


A proud peacock framed within a classic style window perches on a branch in profile view. Its crown has three glass jewels: its full tail cascades downward to the bottom of the picture.

A variety of glass was used to give this scene interest and elegance: The peacock’s head and neck are in two shades of blue ripple glass; its body is a glass fusion of mauve/blue/&yellow; the tail “eyes”, surrounded by bright-green feathers, are outlined in green glass, (appearing turquoise against the blue sky), and have frosted clear centers.

The bird stands before clear bevels; the ornamental curved crown above its head is in deep red. The background is frosted clear glass, the inner frame is clear, iridized ripple glass and the whole scene is framed in green glass, (appearing turquoise against the blue sky. See Unillumined View for green color.)

This is a majestic window that will be the focal point in any room in which it is hung.

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Illuminated View

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Un-Illuminated View

Feather detail.JPG

Tail “eyes” outlined in green glass 

detail 2.JPG

Glass fusion of mauve / blue / yellow

Jewel detail.JPG

ornamental curved crown in deep red

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