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Honey Fish Scale.jpg


Honey Fish Scale_UL.jpg



5”D X 15”W 

With Flush Mount Hardware;

 3-60 watt candelabra sockets  

Price:  $499.00


The striking feature of the Fish Scale shade is its amazing number of small graduated sized pieces of  glass. These are individually hand cut, copper-foiled and soldered together to form a circular mesh pattern.


Since this shade is meant to be viewed from below, the center section around the cap is its main feature and is accented with tiny geometric pieces of bright ruby red and amber colored glass. Otherwise, the shade is a single color of honey with amber "pie-shaped pieces" around the border. 

3 socket

flush mount hardware

Honey Detail.jpg

Center Top Detail - illuminated

Pie Piece Border.jpg

Amber Pie Piece Border - unlit

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