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5”D X 18”W X 8"L

With Flush Mount Hardware;

3-60-watt candelabra sockets

Price: $499.00, USA ground shipping included.

Flush mount shades are designed to hang unobtrusively overhead, face-up on an 8' ceiling above foot trafficked areas such as hallways or center of a room.


Pointed zigzags radiate from the center of the shade in a hypnotic pattern. Circling the shade is a band of different colored stylized flowers.  


When lit the shade comes to life in an array of bright colors of purple, cobalt blue,  green, orange, light blue and burgundy all set against an iridized mauve background. The iridescent mauve glass gives off a pearlized sheen on the shade's surface when unlit.


This unique flush mount fixture will capture attention in any room.



3 socket

flush mount hardware



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