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Leaf Sconce

straight lines-vertical antiqued back plate installs into the wall electrical source.
Shade 8” diameter; total fixture 14” T.; 13” D.; 4 ½” W. back plate.
Candelabra socket 60 watts
$260.00 each

Leaf Sconce

circular antiqued metal back plate, notched for lighting the fixture with an extension cord.

Shade 8” diameter; total fixture 10” T.; 15” D.; 5” circular back plate

Standard porcelain socket, 60 watts


A Leaf themed shade makes a unique wall sconce. When lit the color is a bright sea foam green with clear glass green leaves at the curvilinear border set against a frosty snowflake background which gives a touch of elegance. The unlit glass has a milky, swirling pattern. 

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