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It is Autumn, my favorite time of year! It conjures up thoughts of a cozy hearth and home, warm rustic colors, and a time for settling in. What can better exemplify these autumnal features than a Craftsman home?


My customer, Lindy, recently refurbished her 1950s California Craftsman Beach-Bungalow and cordially invites us to take a photographic tour of her decorating skills. We are greeted first by Cody, her dog. Read all about it in the ARTICLE section.

A fine example of converting my stained-glass lamp shades into various style lamps by choosing the appropriate hardware is the Iridescent Peacock shade. See it as a reverse hanging fixture in the FEATURED ITEM section, and then see the same Peacock shade (although in different colors) as a dynamic bedroom table lamp in the Article section. 


Shades of Tiffany

shade - craftsman leaves.JPG
Featured Item
Featured Item
Note: Each item presented is a one-of-a-kind work of art available for purchase. Should any item sell, there are no duplicates.  
Contact us about any similar items. 


The peacock pattern is an appropriate choice for a Craftsman/Mission décor. In the 1890s they decorated with vases of peacock feathers, a holdover from the earlier Victorian era as were also Oriental carpets.


Peacocks were a popular decorative theme during the Victorian era. Our Peacock shade depicts the bird from its chest scale feathers - shade’s center - in dreamy rainbow colors...

A Customer's 1950s California Beach Bungalow Remodel



My name is Cody and I live in a charming, 1950’s California Beach-Bungalow. My mistress, Lindy, whom I adore, has recently renovated our home. I love it! - my best pal is so talented. You are invited in to take a tour of the finished results and I’ll do my -- ahem! – “show-dog poses” for you in every room. After-all, it’s really all about me!

Note: This is a great opportunity to answer those eternal questions my customers have always asked: can I have more than one Tiffany lamp in a room; can I place a large Tiffany lamp on a small table; can I mix styles - modern with vintage? With creative bravado and abiding by no decorating rules, Lindy answers: Yes, Yes, and Yes! Let’s see what she has done…

Cody welcomes us into his newly remodeled home. 


It all started the day a typical wandering tourist walked into my shop, Shades of Tiffany in The Cannery at Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco. Little could I have guessed that Lindy would become my ideal customer, purchasing many stained-glass lamps over the years. Lindy reminisces: “I remember so well, the first time I met you and fell in love with your lamps, was while on a cruise.  My husband and our friends just stumbled into your shop after warming up at the Buena Vista. My first lamp was my daffodil dining room lamp.” 



First lamp purchased from Shades of Tiffany -– Tiffany replica Daffodil shade as a hanging pendant light fixture.  Lindy emailed: “My Daffodil lamp shade looks absolutely fabulous!” 


Another view of the remodeled dining room/kitchen minus walls which opens up the whole area; a testament to lots of creativity, expense and work! Cody sits among three Tiffany lamps by Shades of Tiffany

Other new additions of interest in the dining room are the surrounding architectural shutters, Stickley dining table and chairs and Craftsman style area rug. Notice the framed pig portrait, Lindy reveals: “Love my pig! Cody likes to think it’s all about him! lol

Embarking on an extensive home remodel and envisioning stained-glass lamps throughout, Lindy says: “The remodel of my home gave me the opportunity to declutter but still work with my existing furniture. Walls came down between the kitchen and dining room, side door was walled up to enlarge the entire area. I've always loved the simplicity of the craftsman style. I like to call my style Craftsman meets Lindy at the beach and throw in some very special family treasures!” 

“My home is a 1950's beach bungalow that was full of dark knotty pine paneling including the kitchen cabinets. When selecting my paint, I wanted to brighten up my home."


"The settee, in the kitchen/dining area was restyled and reupholstered.”  Notice the small orange/white geometric style table lamp at the arm of the settee, also by Shades of Tiffany."


Some years later Lindy contacted me...

“Guess who?  It's your favorite lamp buyer!  It's been a long time since I purchased a lamp (have ceiling fixture) from you and wanted to know if the lamp, End of Trail, is still available --- if so I'd like to purchase the lamp.” 


A cozy office. End of Trail table lamp by Shades of Tiffany echoes the 1920s vintage Native American Indian print. 


Nostalgic vintage Native American Indian print. “Thought you'd like to see a picture of a print that my father gave to his mother in the early 20's --- it’s the reason I fell in love with this lamp! and the inspiration for my office décor.”

Lindy emails: “OMG --- arrived today safe and sound. ---- it's even more beautiful in person --- thank you so much --- absolutely love my new lamp!” 

When Lindy contacted me about another light for her office I advised her: “I don’t think it should be pictorial, so as not to distract from your print and the End of Trail lamp. The flush mount shade should be geometric with complimentary colors or mono colored.  I have a few 20” diameter Fish Scale shades. Sometime this week I will photograph them and email you the pictures for you to choose your favorite color.”


“Hi Lorena ---I looked at the Fish Scale and that design is perfect, and I did a measurement and the 20" will be just perfect.  I'm so excited --- can't wait to get my new lamp!  I'll trust you to pick the color(s) that will compliment my lamp.”

“My office is the only room that I went with the wood shutters, which completed the look I was going for. I wanted my office to be cozy, and I think I achieved it. For color, I was inspired by the painting on the wall that my great aunt painted. The paint color is called “Happy Trails” from Dunn Edwards paints - rather apropos, don't you think?” 

Yes, I do. The office is my favorite room and I love the vintage style telephone; nice touch. Lorena.




And then a short time later…

“Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, but it got hectic around here the past couple of days.  I definitely would like to purchase the Acorn Lamp and have decided that the Santa Barbara Mission Lamp will also be a perfect fit as well as the Mission Ribbon in Honey/Blue.” 


Tiffany replica Acorn lamp by Shades of Tiffany.

Santa Barbara Mission lamp by Shades of Tiffany.


Framing the sofa: L. White Tiffany replica Acorn lamp; R. Honey Santa Barbara Mission. Lamps by Shades of Tiffany.

And again a short time later…

“If they are still available, I would like to purchase the Mission Ribbon in Honey/Orange and the Mission Dragonfly Table Lamps as well as the Octagonal Mission.”   Wow!


Mission Ribbon Honey/Blue lamp by Shades of Tiffany illuminates the living room corner with the flowered chaise lounge near the fireplace. Tea & crumpets anyone? 


Living room corner setting – old high-back chairs are reupholstered; new Stickley table placed between them; large Mission Dragonfly table lamp by Shades of Tiffany illuminates the area against a cheery green accent wall.

Accent wall: Lime Peel,  wall paneling: Pearl Necklace both by Dunn Edwards paints


After painting the dark knotty pine wall paneling bright white, the fireplace became the focal point of the living room. The fireplace is retiled with custom designed tile by Lindy in craftsman green.

Here's the web page for the company that made my fireplace tile and Mission Tile West


Mission Dragonfly table lamp by

Shades of Tiffany 


This charming and inviting guest room has a somewhat Bohemian flair.

Mission Honey.jpg

Mission Ribbon in Honey/Orange lamp by Shades of Tiffany, illuminated highlights the brick red accents of the room’s furnishings.  


Mission Ribbon in Honey/Orange lamp by Shades of Tiffany, unlit. The lamp’s orange accents compliment the colors in the throw pillows and area rug.

After shipping all these lamps to her, Lindy wrote: “I'm like a kid at Christmas! Lol Your packing would survive an earthquake! Lindy.”



And then--one last lamp:
Lindy loved the Peacock shade. The top portion has a fish-scale type pattern emulating the bird’s chest feathers. The bottom portion is covered with multi peacock eye-feathers and ends in an irregular border. The peacock pattern is an appropriate choice for a Craftsman/Mission décor since in the 1890s they decorated with vases of peacock feathers, a holdover from the earlier Victorian era as were also Oriental carpets.

Fortunately, or unfortunately for Lindy, we had just built five Peacock shades - each in completely different color combinations. I sent her photos of the five shades with descriptions of their color characteristics. (View the Peacock shade in different colors as a reverse hanging pendent on our website.)

Lindy emailed back: – “I'm still pondering which peacock! I’ll ponder tonight with a glass of wine and let you know tomorrow!” Lindy 

“! Decision made --- I'm going with the Red Peacock Shade with the Ribbed base --- I'm going with 28" for the height. --- I have shutters on the window and don't want the lamp to go any higher than the mid-point. The lamp will actually go in my bedroom, I know I should play it safe and go with the pastels, but something about the one with the red just says go off the gird and make a statement!  My inspiration for color was the iris vase that sits on my peacock lamp table.” Lindy 

Two weeks later Lindy reported: “Made it safely to its new home! It's absolutely beautiful-- can't  wait to see it at night!”

Peacock table lamp by Shades of Tiffany. A large lamp on a small table lends an elegance to this beautifully decorated bedroom. 


Peacock table lamp by Shades of Tiffany at dusk – “you can see the eucalyptus trees through the shutters!”


A cozy seating area.  “I went with the white shutters to brighten up my home.”


Cody posing in the bedroom. “Are you staying for dinner?”


Bedroom in soft pastels that I pulled from the tile on my bedroom fireplace


“My remodel is coming to an end and the table lamps I have look fabulous on my new tables --- will send pics shortly. Lol - I’ll get in my Ansel Adams mode and send you museum quality photos!” 

And so, she did! Lindy sent me beautiful photos of her home décor which she shares with all my readers. 

Lindy and I worked closely together over the months choosing the stained-glass lamps she liked best for her Craftsman home. She comments: “With regard to your lamps, the only lamp I really had a vision was the Indian shade for my office. All the other lamps, I fell in love with them, and moved them around in my house until I found the right location, which would highlight them.”


Cody says, "Happy Trails to you!"

And finally: - Hi Lindy, with all the craziness you said you went through, you should be very proud of yourself! The end results show money well spent, time well spent, a job well thought out and done. Lorena

“Thank you so much --- it's been a long road, and knowing you love how I'm displaying your lamps makes me over the moon happy.” Lindy

We've come to the end of a long day and it's time for Lindy and Cody to bid us a good night.

PS: Perhaps Lindy will dream of an overlooked nook or cranny in which to put another Tiffany lamp. Lol! 


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