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Illuminated View

Un-Illuminated View

Bell Peacock Shade

19" W x 10"D

Peacock feathers were popular souvenirs the Victorians brought back from their travels to exotic lands to decorate their homes with.

Larger than life, the Bell Peacock is a striking shade whether as a hanging fixture or as a table lamp. Notice the exaggerated peacock eyes with center jewel that define the shade’s irregular border. The shape of the shade is slightly ribbed; the glass colors used are appropriate from mixed mauves to sparkling turquoise.

D.  3 sockets & hanging chain (up to 7')


A.   with table base 29" H

      Price:  $700.00

B. with floor base  6.5' T

      Price: $800.00

C.  with single socket & hanging chain

      Price:  $625.00

D. with 3-sockets & hanging chain  

    Price:  $675.00

C or D

C.  Single porcelain socket & hanging chain (up to 7')

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