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This is a one-of-a-kind work of art. There are no duplicates.

Invoice issued via PayPal once hardware & shipping have been determined.

Custom packing and shipping fees not included. Contact us for details.

The Victorians loved Gothic architecture and designed buildings and interiors with reference to that era. Our Gothic Arches shade draws inspiration from the round, geometric stained glass windows that were a central feature of Gothic cathedrals. In this geometric design the arches fan out and upward from the center of the shade. Inside each arch is a simple leaf motif. To look upward at the shade is almost mesmerizing. Notice the shade’s special feature - the jeweled border. This Victorian pendant fixture will be a striking feature in any home.

A.  With 3-arm, 3-socket hanging pendant, 36" L  

      Price: $699.00 

B.  With 3-socket ceiling post 9" L (not shown)
      Price  $699.00,  

C.  With 3-socket ceiling post 16" L   

      Price:  $699.00

Gothic Arches Shade

20" W, 6" D

Un-illuminated View



Detail View

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