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Flush Mounts


5”D X 15”W 

With Flush Mount Hardware;

 3-60 watt candelabra sockets  

Price:  $499.00


5"D X 20"W

With Flush Mount Hardware;

3-60 watt candelabra sockets  

Price: $599.00


The first attractive feature noticed about the Fish Scale shade is it is constructed entirely in a single color of pearled, pale mauve glass reminiscent of the inside of a clam shell. This glass will reflect pale rainbow colors on the surface in daylight when unlit. The second feature is the impossible amount of gradated small pieces of glass cut, copper foiled and soldered together forming a circular mesh pattern.  In the center tiny pieces of ruby and amethyst color glass add a bonus. The outside rim also has accents of amethyst glass. This shade is elegant in its simplicity of color and pattern.

3 socket

flush mount hardware

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