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Ruby Red Rose Helmet Lamp

Ruby-Red Rosebush

Top View


Detail: Purple ripple glass for branches and borders


Rose Helmet Lamp

22" W

Price: $1,600.00


Tiffany’s Rosebush shade was produced circa 1904, and today is among  Tiffany Studios' highest priced lamps, appraised in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Our Rosebush-inspired shade is beautifully constructed with hand rolled glass of mottled red roses, yellow/green leaves, pale spumoni background and deep purple branches and borders. It is most popular as a hanging pendant fixture as shown here.

Tiffany Studio's Rose Helmet lamp combines a helmet-shaped shade decorated with a rose bush motif set upon a large leaf base. Designed in 1905, this lamp exemplifies the new bizarre designs emerging during that time causing a stir to Victorian sensibilities.  

The highly imaginative Art Nouveau style base is named the Arc and Leaf base and as one of the best examples of Tiffany Studios organic themed bases is reputedly the most expensive one. It symbolizes the growth of a tree with large root leaves pointed upward embossed around its circumference. Each leaf is framed within interconnecting arches that become smaller as they travel upward emphasising the cone shape of the  base.

A complete Rose Helmet lamp with Arc and Leaf base finished in a golden bronze patina rather than the usual verde green color, both signed, is a rare find and quite valuable. One such existing lamp has been appraised recently at $350,000!


Unlit  / Detail

Or as a reverse hanging lamp, with choice of hardware as shown
 Price:  $1,200.00

3 arm, 3 socket hanging pendent 36" L.

3 arm ceiling_edited.jpg
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