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Red swirl - lit.jpg


Swirl Dragonfly Table Lamp, Red

17" W x 22" T, single socket turn-switch, 60 watts.

Price:  $650.00, USA ground shipping included.

If you like accenting your interiors with a touch of red,  this is an item for you! This dynamic lamp with ruby-red glass combined with deep purple/blue glass is eye-catching and will make a powerful statement in your home, office or wherever.


Adding to the drama are three lime-green dragonflies with amber jewel eyes and silver wings overlayed with brass "vane" filigree that bank 3-D off the shade’s conical shape. The bottom two borders are ruby red and honey. Groups of various colored jewels accent the scene.

The Large Lily Pad base is typical of Art Nouveau designs popular during Tiffany’s time in the 1890s. It is cast metal and finished in an antique golden brown. 

A dynamic art-piece, mood lamp.

Red swirl - unlit.jpg


Red swirl top view.jpg

Top View

Red swirl - closeup.jpg

Detail View

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