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Illuminated View

Orange&orchid detail..jpg

Detail View

Orange & Orchid Peacock Shade


22" wide, 6" deep

Call or email to inquire about other colors in this pattern, and to specify your hardware selection!

A . With 3-60 watt socket table base  28"T      

      Price: $1,200.00

B.  With 3-arm, 3-60 watt socket hanging       pendant,  36" L  

     Price: $1,000.00

C.  With 3-60 watt socket ceiling post 16" L  

      Price:  $1,000.00

D.  With 3-60 watt socket ceiling post 9" L 

     Price: $1,000.00

Peacocks were a popular decorative theme during the Victorian era. Our Peacock shade has a fish scale type pattern surrounding the metal cap which represents the bird's chest feathers. The bottom portion has the peacock eye-feathers. The shade ends in a scalloped border. 

The colors chosen in hand rolled art glass are bright orange and muted orchid that are accented with "eyes" in sparkling turquoise glass. This color combination makes quite a striking art/showpiece.

The replica Tiffany Library Base has three pull-chain sockets giving bright light options. The base's organic pattern combined with the Peacock shade makes a handsome Tiffany style table lamp or hanging fixture.

Orange&orchid Peacock_unlit.jpg

Un-illuminated View


with 3-arm, 3-socket 

hanging pendant,  36" L  



9" 3-socket ceiling post

16" 3-socket ceiling post



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