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10”D X 18”W (flush mounted,  3-60 watt standard)  

10”D X 18”W X 36”H (hanging, single porcelain socket)  

10”D X 18”W X 25”H (table lamp, 2 sockets)

Price:  $450.00


A four panel shade with a flat dragonfly on each panel, wings stretched out. When attached to flush mount hardware the dragonflies face upward toward the ceiling or they face downward when attached to hanging hardware or on a table base.

In typical Mission style, lines are clean, colors are in the traditional warm earth tones.  The dragonfly bodies are blue / gold, the eyes and decorative accents are red jewels, and their wings are clear glass.  The background is honey with forest green trim. This is a classic Mission style shade.


Our lamp shades can be used as hanging, table or floor lamps,

depending on your choice of hardware.  Prices may vary.

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