Swirl Dragonfly

22" W x 30" T 

Price:  $1,600.00


Large dragonflies swirl around a shade  with  kaleidoscope colors and glass jewel accents.

Constructed with vivid hues of hand rolled glass, the top section is sparkly turquoise/green rippled glass and the bottom section is smokey mauve and blue. The dragonflies have bright green bodies, silver wings and pale amber jewel eyes. The decorative curly cues on top are brilliant persimmon. The variety of colors in this shade blend together to make a dazzling composition in motion.

The heavy, cast metal table base is an unusual design. It sits on tiny feet, has a high relief pattern of ovals in its bulbous area and is organic in character, typical of Tiffany Studios bases circa 1906. It has two pull-chain sockets that take 60-watt standard bulbs.

This large Swirl Dragonfly table lamp is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art that would be a showpiece in any home. 


Glass details


Our lamp shades can be used as hanging, table or floor lamps,

depending on your choice of hardware.  Prices will vary.

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