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Jeweled Cone Shade.jpg

Illuminated view

Detail View.jpg

Detail View

Jeweled Cone Table Lamp

14"W x 19” T

Price: $399.00 USA ground shipping included.

This simple cone-shaped shade consists of light blue scalloped panels that are brightly accented at the border with clusters of multi-colored jewels.

With its soft and bright colors this cheery lamp is perfect for a contemporary setting in the home, the office or wherever a unique decorative accent is wanted.

Reflecting the shade, the base has clean lines that end in rounded scallops. It complements the lines of the shade well, making a pleasing match.

The metal base is finished in matt, antique brown. It has a single turn switch socket that takes a 60-watt bulb.

Cone Unilluminated2.jpg

Unlit view

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