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Frank Lloyd Wright Mission Lamp

23" T. X 16” W.

2 pull chain standard sockets

Use 60 watt bulbs

Price: $450.00

In the spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most recognizable motif, stacking chevrons, our FLW inspired Mission shade uses three chevrons in the design together with vertical and horizontal lines that create a pattern typical of Southwest, Prairie and Mission styles.

The 4-sided pyramid shade has the identical design on each panel. The textures and colors of glass used make a dramatic presentation; the outside borders and bottom half are in root beer ripple glass; two vertical bars undulate in burgundy; the center three red chevrons make a vivid focal point. Two large and two tiny golden squares are added for accents; a warm honey sets the background.

The square Mission Base is cast in metal, finished in dark bronze. It is embossed with an obelisk (pyramid) on the shaft ending in a stylized feather design at the bottom. The classic egg and dart motif outline the square edges. 

Overall, the FLW Mission is a sophisticated lamp that will add drama, beauty and reading light to a Southwest, Prairie and Mission style interior.


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