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Beveled Peacock Window

19"W x 38"L

Price: $800.00, USA ground shipping included.

A proud peacock framed within a classic style window perches on a branch in profile view. Its crown has three jewels; its wide tail cascades downward to the bottom of the picture.

A variety of glass was used to give this scene interest and elegance: The peacock’s head and neck is cobalt blue; its body is a fusion in mauve/blue/&yellow; the tail “eyes” are outlined in light blue with frosted glass centers, set against a light green ripple background.

Within the window, four clear, square bevels comprise the background; the fancy cornice on top is in iridescent frosted glass as is the thin inner border strip. The background is in frosted snowflake glass and the total scene is framed in light blue glass.

This is a majestic window that will enhance any room in which it is hung.

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