Illuminated . (View A)

Large Peony

22" W x 12" D  

A.  3-socket, 6' hanging hardware.

      Price:  $1,500.00

B.  Swirl Floor Base, 5'8" T.

     Price:  $1,700.00

C.  Vase & Onyx Table Base 37" T.

     Price:  $1,600.00

Colors of flame orange, taupe, salmon, green and turquoise stand out in this rich composition of large peony flowers. Peonies are a typical floral motif used on Chinese decorative screens and carved furniture that are still popular today as they were during Tiffany’s time.

Besides being a hanging fixture, this shade would adapt beautifully as a large floor or table lamp.

(A) 3 sockets & hanging chain



Our lamp shades can be used as hanging, table or floor lamps,

depending on your choice of hardware.  Prices may vary.

Illuminated  (B)

5'8" Swirl Floor Base


Illuminated  (C)

37" Table Base

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