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Illuminated . (Hardware Option A)

NOTE:  The two views shown here are the same lamp, seen from opposite sides.


Large Peony

22" W x 12" D  

A.  3-socket, 6' hanging hardware.

      Price:  $2,400.00

B.  Swirl Floor Base, 5'8" T.

     Price:  $2,800.00

C.  Vase & Onyx Table Base 37" T.

     Price:  $2,700.00

Colors of flame orange, taupe, salmon, green and turquoise stand out in this rich composition of large peony flowers. Peonies are a typical floral motif used on Chinese decorative screens and carved furniture that are still popular today as they were during Tiffany’s time.

Besides being a hanging fixture, this shade would adapt beautifully as a large floor or table lamp.

Unlit View

(A) 3 sockets & hanging chain


Our lamp shades can be used as hanging, table or floor lamps,

depending on your choice of hardware.  Prices may vary.

Peony Floor Lamp_finial.jpg

Illuminated  (B)
5'8" Swirl Floor Base

Peony Table Lamp_finial.jpg

Illuminated  (C)
37" Table Base

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