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Top View

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Classic Flame Dragonfly Table Lamp


16" W x 23" T 

Price:  $650.00


The Dragonfly Lamp is one of the most iconic of Tiffany’s lamps. It won him awards, fame and fortunes. Chief studio artist, Clara Driscoll designed the lamp in 1900, inspired by the organic Art Nouveau movement. When first exhibited, this lamp was strange, mysterious and an expensive home-decorative artifact. Today, the value of an original Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp has soared into the thousands of dollars.  

The Classic Dragonfly Table Lamp has been our most popular item ever since displaying our first one in 1976 in our shop window at Polk Street Tiffany in San Francisco. The design looks deceptively simple, but as Ms. Driscoll conceived it, it has many stories to tell about a day in the life of dragonflies. Read about it in my monthly newsletter.

Our Dragonfly shade is striking in flame-red/orange/green hand-rolled glass. The dragonflies have green bodies, silver wings, and amber jewel eyes. The bottom border is accented in olive-green. 

The heavy metal base is cast in a simple Art Nouveau design suitable for a Dragonfly lamp. It is finished in satin antique bronze. It has a single, turn-switch socket that takes a standard 60-watt bulb.

This Classic Dragonfly Lamp will be a dynamic "standout” in any room.

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Detail View


Our lamp shades can be used as hanging or table lamps, depending on your choice of hardware.  

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