• Lorena Calcagni

How I got the view that I wanted, not the view that I had (and transformed grey days into glowing co

I am so glad I completely covered a bay window in my bedroom with one of my stained-glass windows. A few years back I redecorated my bedroom. I liked the neighborhood view of apartments and trees across the street but not of the square bank building next to them on the corner. This commercial structure sits perfectly framed in one of the bay window’s panels so I covered it top to bottom with a hanging floral stained glass window and so erased that ugly building from my sight.

Now I awake in the morning to a scene of beautiful stained glass flowers arranged in a pot and brightly lit by the sun. As an extra bonus the glorious stained glass colors reflect on my carpet just like a cathedral floor. The assortment of colors also accent the colors of my bedroom décor.

I am especially pleased with this cheerful scene now that winter is upon us bringing plenty of grey and gloomy skies. I notice the sun is moving lower and lower across the sky these days, just at the right angle to spotlight my floral stained glass window. How nice!

I have decided one stained glass window is not enough. With such an enjoyable payback, I will hang another stained-glass window; the one of potted orchids – in the dining room. The dining room windows get the westerly setting sun in all its glorious streaks of pinks and oranges. The orchid window, made with unusual, mottled hand rolled glass will look spectacular at dinner time.


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