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Wisteria Peacock

32” L x 24” W                          

Price: $1,200.00


Within an oval frame a regal peacock perches in rear view, its head turned to one side, its elegant tail dropped to the viewer. On either side are clusters of red and salmon colored roses, and across the top hang orange/red and blue wisteria. Two dragonflies add charm to the scene. The bird’s tail is granite blue/green glass, the feather-"eyes" are clear dark blue accented with amber jewels. Its head is crowned with three red jewels.  The background color is iridescent pale mauve; the oval is frosted hobnail glass styled with small diamond shapes.  The picture is framed in a milky, mauve glass strip.  

This is a spectacular window!

Illuminated View


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Un-Illuminated View

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