20" Diameter
(A) Price: $1,400 w/ 30"T Perforated Table Base

(B)  Price: $1,300 w/ Single porcelain socket & 3' chain

(C)  Price: $1,300 w/ 16" 3-socket ceiling post

Daffodil lamps were produced by Tiffany Studios circa 1904. Featured on this page is our reproduction of the Daffodil shade placed on a replica of Tiffany's Perforated Table Base. This combination makes an impressive representation of an antique Tiffany lamp.

The pattern’s unusual feature is that the daffodils with their thinly cut leaves and stems all face downward toward the shade’s bottom three rows. The design recounts the famous Greek legend of Narcissus who became enamored with his reflection while gazing into the water at a river bank. And so, the narcissus flowers (daffodils) admiringly gaze downward into the water.

Our shade features hand rolled glass of yellow and gold daffodils, mossy and bright green leaves and stems and a blue watery background. The glass

chosen, beautifully illustrates the colors of nature.

The heavy metal Perforated Base is a replica Tiffany base. Finished in antique warm brown, its organic design has a high relief of "eyelets" after the original. It has three pull chain sockets, each taking 60 watt standard bulbs.

Shade and base together make a handsome, "airy" lamp depicting daffodils in a natural setting as head artist, Clara Driscoll, designed it for Tiffany Studios.

  (A) . Illuminated



Top View


Single porcelain socket & 3' hanging chain 


16" 3-socket ceiling post

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